Water Slot Router

Two-head Water Slot Router

1.Professional use in milling the water slot and the balanced holes of air pressure of win-door in PVC profile.

2.Adopt the modularization structure design, there are six milling heads which can be freely selected working in individually or combinatively, is easy to operate.

3.It can mill completely of the water slots and balanced holes for a workpiece at one time. And ensure the precision of size for position which milled and slotted.

4.Milling length of slots can adjustable from 0-60mm.

5.Infeeding controlled by air-hydraulic damper, feeding speed linearity adjustable.

6.Adopt double track structure make the milling head in stable running and in high precision.

Technical Parameter:

Input voltage 220V/50Hz Input power 2.28Kw
Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa Air consumption 200L/min
Milling cutter diameter 4mm/5mm Rotation speed 25000r/min
Max. milling depth 30mm Milling width 4-5mm
Milling length                     60mm                    Overall dimension             4200*860*1450mm
Weight 700Kgs