Welding Machine

Four-head Seamless Welding Machine

1.The machine is one of the necessary equipments processing color PVC win-door, it can achieve the whole welding process independently.

2.It features advanced technology, reliable function, and easy operation. It adopts PC control, pneumatic drive.

3.The 4 machine heads can be used alone or jointly. Through the arbitrary combination, it enable welding for such shapes as ┏、┳、╋、┏┓、┳┳、┳┳┳、┳┳┳┳、┏┳┓、┏┳┳、┏┳┳┓、┣┫、┏┓┏┓.

4.It is the ideal equipment for welding of PVC win- doors.

5.The most advanced machine type in Europe.

6.It can be realized welding the color profile with 0.2mm seam.

7.Round guide linear motion pare, square guide linear motion pare, small fit clearance; Good rigidity of whole machine

8.Precise parts and strictly assembling process, high stability.

9.The upper clamp is adopted the co planarity structure. It is can ensured that good seamless welding for the two-side color profile.

10.Cylinders, solenoid valves, PLC and low-voltage electric components and pneumatic components etc are all selected strictly, which ensures high reliability.

11.Rigid grasp structure is adopted to the profile positioning system, which could strictly guarantee welding loss and high welding accuracy.

12.Heating-in position timing control, strict conforming with the European standard, ensured high welding corner strength and small fluctuation range.

13.Two-step clamping design and emergency stop-pressure release function, conforming with CE standard, ensures high safety.

14.Especially suitable for high-grade and complex windows manufacturing.

 Technical Parameter:

Input voltage 380V/50Hz Input power 4.5Kw
Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa Air consumption 120L/min
Max.welding width 140mm Max. welding height 100mm               
Overall dimension 5300*800*2350mm Weight 1800Kgs