Cutting Machine

CNC Double Mitre Saw

1.Used for cutting the profile of aluminum and PVC door and windows .

2.Right head feeding adopts high helical pitch ball screw-lead motion, with high accurate driving, locating and smooth working.

3. Adopts CNC technique, which imported from DELTA, Taiwan, can achieve various profiles auto cutting off.

4.Imported carbide saw blade is of accurate processing and high endurance.

5.Imported linear guiding pair ensures steady processing accuracy

6.Saw blade rotates smoothly due to high accurate main spindle

7.Uniform speed feeding and smooth motion is due to air hydraulic damping cylinder

Technical Parameter:


Input voltage 380V/50Hz Input power 2*1.5Kw
Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa Air consumption 60L/min
Motor rotation speed 2800r/min Saw blade specification ø450*ø30*4.4*Z120
Cutting speed 0-3m/min Max. cutting length 3700mm
Min. cutting length 580mm Max. cutting width 120mm
Overall dimension 4500*1200*1500mm Weight 1000Kgs