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CNC Aluminum Bending Machine

1.The machine applies to bending several kinds of metal profiles to appears arc shape, such as iron, copper and aluminium.

2.Adopts special arc-processing software, can detect the data of rebound, and then eliminate the rebound.

3.It can make shapes of ellipse, circle and “C”, “U” shapes etc.

4.Adopts computer control system, the location precision is less than 0.01mm.

Technical Parameter:

Input voltage 380V/50Hz Input power 3.0Kw
Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa Air consumption 120L/min
MIn. bending radius 230mm Roller diameter 60mm
Roller rotation speed 1-8r/min Max. profile width 200mm
Hydraulic pressure 20T(200MPa)        Overall dimension  1900*1100*1300mm