Welding Machine

Four Head Welding Machine

1.Suitable for welding PVC profile.
2.Adopt programmable controller (PLC) ensures the machine running more steady and reliable.
3.Double pressing function ensures higher welding strength.
4.The heads can be used individually, combinatively or jointly as well as be combined at will.
5.No. 2﹟、3﹟、4﹟head can horizontal moving so that realized all kinds of welding combination.
6.The fourth head can be used for welding variable angle with the special mold and the angle range from 30°~180°.
7.Professional mold configuration, can provide the design for different profiles ensure the welding quality.

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Technical Parameter: 

 Air pressure   0.4-0.6MPa    Air consumption     200L/min   
 Power supply 220V/50Hz Input power 4.5kW
 Welding height 20~120mm Welding width(Max.) 100mm
 Welding range  400x4500mm Overall dimension 5400x1100x1700mm
 Weight About 1500kg