Two-component Extruder

Two-component Extruder

Features :
1. GT02 type two-component glue machine in produced with the best technology in China and abroad . Used for coating the insulating glass .
2. A( white)and B (black) component glue pump use korean original pneumatic system,reversing sensitive and reliable .
3. Unique convenirnt adjustable ratio,guarantee the accurate glue ratio upon to highest requirements .
4. The uniform glue continuous for nice glue effect,keep high efficiency .

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Technical Data: 

Mixing ratio6:1-14:1
A drum55 Gallon (200L)
B drum5 Gallon (20L)
Sealant pressure ratio50:1
Max. air consumption1.2CBM/min
Air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Overall dimension1100*950*1630mm